Poetry for the Poisoned

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Surprisingly or not, this actually tells a story. Let’s see if I can remember how it goes.

Alright the story is that of a wedding, the groom, which is next to Apollo I think, invited a group of centaurs that he was good friends with. Will somewhere in the story the centaurs became a little to drunk and decided to have a little fun of their own. So the wedding quickly turned into choas as they tried to take the bridesmaids away, uncluding the bride, which if you look closely you can see a centaur holding a woman that is the bride. So the groom and his groomsmen try to fight off the centaurs while the bridesmaids try to hide. Suddenly a brightlight appears during the whole choas and out of the light came Apollo himself. With the raise of his hand, he silence all the choas and returned things back in order so the wedding could continue.

I’m pretty sure that’s how the story went and if you take a long good look at the statues you could see it unfolding.

All these statues came from the Temple of Zeus in Olympia, Greece.

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